Convergence - Vinyl (Clear & Black)
Convergence - Vinyl (Clear & Black)

Convergence - Vinyl (Clear & Black)

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TENSIDE - "Convergence" 2017 Vinyl LP in Clear

Format: LP Gatefold  + Download Code
Farbe: Clear / Black (Siehe Variante)
Info: Kommt als limitierte klare oder schwarze LP inkl. Download.

  • 1.This Is What We Die For
  • 2.Unbreakable
  • 3.Faith Over Fears
  • 4.The Shades of Night
  • 5.Army of the Dawn
  • 6.Eternal Contempt
  • 7.Built for Eternity
  • 8.New Slaves
  • 9.Raise the Flag
  • 10.Iron Will & Gold Heart
  • 11.The Faceless

Format: LP Gatefold + Download Code
Color: Clear / Black (see differnet versions)
Info: Is coming as a limited clear version LP including Download Code.